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About Us

About Us

Local Pro Garage Door is a reliable garage door repair company that was founded on a few basic principles. Integrity, honesty, and trust. These are the values we continuously aim to uphold when we work with customers, and these are the values we have come to be known by.

Our Specialties

We, from Local Pro Garage Door, are garage spring replacement professionals who have gathered experience through years of working experience in this business, satisfying hundreds of customers.

At our garage door repair company, we believe that every property with its garage has a unique design and requires a unique approach. This is why we always seek to understand your garage system (if you have one) and your property to know the best procedure that applies to your needs.

By turning to our company, you get to have a professional technician that is trained to achieve quality results with the safety of your home in mind.

As reliable garage spring replacement professionals, we strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction with a timely response. Thus, we have set up a competent customer service team that is always ready to respond to any of your suggestions, inquiries, and requests.

The only situation worse than a faulty garage door is not being able to reach someone to fix it in a timely fashion. The responsive technicians from our company, here in Ann Arbor, MI, are waiting for your call to keep you and your garage door on track at all times.

We work only with the best equipment and replacement parts. With our service, we can provide and recommend only the best garage doors and replacement parts, so you can rest assured you have a top-quality garage installation in your home.

Give us a call at (786) 670-2515 if you want to make sure you are turning to the right company in 2950 NE 190the ST 33180, FL, Miami!
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